Vending machine repair and maintenance

Vending machine repair and maintenance

First-time-repair is an important measure in vending business

Like any other piece of machinery, vending machines need maintenance and occasional repair. Better to leave it for experienced professionals, as it eventually proves to be a time- and cost-efficient decision. Vending machine buyers or renters usually are too busy with other things to remember scheduling a regular check-up.

If repair and maintenance are not carried out on time, the vending stops until the machine is fixed again, resulting in lost clients and revenue. If you want to keep your machines going, you need to take a good care of them.

Usually the assigned operators do not bother to check them regularly. And when a problem occurs, only then would they react to it, wasting their own time and money. Therefore it is better to do the maintenance regularly before the machine breaks down. This will most certainly pay off in the long run as clients want to be sure they will get their product without any problems any time they want.

Fixing common vending machine problems

The most common problems occurring in vending machines are jammed cups of any liquid product and the coin machine malfunction. These problems can be avoided if cooling system service time is followed and liquid filters are changed before they become useless. The compressor responsible for cooling the vending machine has a specified service time. After that time they might not perform well, which can also affect some other functions of the machine.

Similarly, the cooling compressor stops working if cooling fans are blocked in some way. Therefore these should be cleaned and checked regularly as they are expensive compared to other parts.

Some spare machine parts are usually in stock for quick fixing. This might save time because the repairman might arrive to fix the machine, examine the problem and find that he doesn’t have the right parts and needs to come next time. A term for measuring on-site repair effectiveness is first-time-fix. It measures the proportion of problems solved on the first visit. As this obviously means less problems for the vending machine owner and its clients, maintenance staff should be well trained and familiar with the type and model of the vending machine. So before calling them, make sure you have the manual with the exact information about your machine which will help to increase the chances of a first-time-fix and make vending machines maintenance and repair an easier task. The coin and bill acceptance systems should also be checked and cleaned regularly.

Tips for the vending machine maintenance:

  • Always clean your vending machine with dry materials and avoid using spray for a better look. That might make it look better but can also cause serious malfunction.
  • Using a vacuum cleaner is recommended for keeping the machine tidy.
  • Cleaning outside parts, such as door and sides can be done with a damp cloth or soft sponge.
  • Make sure the refrigerator compressors are running well. It is normal for it to be hot as it helps to run the refrigerant gas to the condenser which turns it to liquid that cools the refrigerator itself. You should call the maintenance if the compressor fails to turn on or off or starts making irregular noise.
  • The temperature inside the vending machine can be increased or decreased manually with regard to the weather conditions. This way your customers will be able to get their product just the way they like it best.
  • The condenser fan might happen to run slower or stop at some point due to debris block. So these should be cleaned with a simple vacuum cleaner from time to time so that they work well, be more energy-efficient and last longer. The coils can be brushed with a broom and a vacuum cleaner can be used for hard to reach areas.

Vending machine supplies

Buying supplies for your vending machine is another thing to be taken care of as every empty rack means lost clients. Supplies vary according to your machine type and the vended product, but there is a basic set of tips you should follow to find the best deal in UK. Learn more.

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