Water coolers and ice makers

Water coolers

Water coolersEveryone is aware of the importance of water coolers in an office. But it is not the only place where water coolers are needed. Home and public areas can use these machines too. That is why they can be found anywhere.

Nowadays, there are various coolers available. The wall mounted water coolers are one of the most popular in the category. They only need to be connected to the water and electricity supply to cool the water to the right temperature. They have also a filter fixed, which gives you purified water for maximum refreshment. These filters can be 100% recyclable, sustaining the environment.

Free-standing bottled water coolers are designed so that the water machine could be relocated when the need occurs. They have water bottles placed upside down into a dispensing machine. The water is pumped to a cooling or a heating device as these machines usually serve both hot and cold water. Some models even offer boiling water which can be used to make tea or coffee, replacing both refrigerator and kettle while saving precious office space.

Ice makers

Ice makers or ice dispensers are one the best investments if you’re in a constant need of ice. Even if you’re not a pub or club owner serving iced beverages, come summer, you will definitely need ice. And what if you receive unexpected guests, go to the kitchen, check the refrigerator only to find you are out ice or the ice tray has not made it yet? Therefore having an ice maker at home can be a party, if not a life saver. This standalone appliance can be really helpful both at home and office while being mandatory for every catering venue. It can also be combined with water cooler, making it a really universal appliance.

Ice Bath

With ice maker you can prepare yourself a cool bath

Ice dispensers can also be implemented in refrigerators. But we tend to open the refrigerator so many times a day that proper cooling needed for making ice fast is not achieved. As ice trays are quite small, there is a chance that some attendees of a bigger party will have to wait till midnight to get their first drink on ice. With a standalone dispenser you won’t have to face these problems as their capacities vary from 15lbs for counter-top models to 1000lbs+ for freestanding models that will provide you with enough ice to take a literal ice bath.

As every machine, ice dispensers require maintenance from time to time. Usually the water filter has to be cleaned due to clogging, or the freezing plate has to be fixed. These issues can be easily solved with a professional maintenance team. If you need this kind of service or want to learn more about these machines, please take a minute to fill out this short form and you will be contacted by experts of this field.

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