Washroom vending machines

Washroom vending machinesWe often see various types of vending machines wall-mounted in the washroom. These include one or more types of condoms, tampons, hand cleaners, baby changing essentials and other hygiene products. Most washroom vending machines are battery-run which makes installation more convenient. Due to the increasing positive response from the clients and their growing needs, we can expect to see standalone machines vending hygiene products only in the UK soon.

Washroom vending machines come in various designs suiting any space and not only provide users with the products they need but also serve as a nice interior decoration. Therefore you can choose the material from which it is made. Although there are plastic versions available, safer steel or stained glass versions are highly recommended, especially in bars, nightclubs and similar venues. They can also be covered with famous brand logos to build customer trust.

As for the types, most common are single and dual column version for an added product choice. Yet if there is a demand, machines with up to 10 columns can also be installed. The product dispensation system can be either mechanical or electronic, usually depending on the number of vended products. For single or double column machines, mechanical system is commonly used as it’s cheaper. More complex electronic system is suited to vend more then a few different products.

Washroom vending machines usually accept coins or tokens because setting up a cash or credit card payment would not be as cost-efficient, at least for now when the market is still on the rise.

Condom vending machines

Condom vending machinesThe inventor of both condoms and condom vending machines is Julius Fromm (1883-1945), a German businessman. Since their introduction in 1928, condom vending machines have been one of the most popular washroom vending machine types, and now its market is experiencing further increase.

Long gone are the days when condoms could be bought only in men’s restrooms at nightclubs or bars. Nowadays they’ve found their place in women’s bathrooms too, continuing to expand to educational institutions, promoting youth’s sexual health. They are also often placed outside the pharmacies giving chance to people to buy condoms after working hours.

As condoms are sensitive to sunlight, the machines are usually closed front. This is also useful security-wise. Despite the protection, one should always check the expiration date on the product bought. Condoms should also be made of latex and labeled as preventing sexually transmitted diseases.

Given all this, condom vending machines is not only a steady income source but also a help in reducing the rate of unplanned pregnancies and STDs.

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