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Office vending machinesThere has been a growing trend of serving staff tea and coffee in offices and workplaces. The easiest and most convenient way to do this is office vending machines. Most offices in the UK, be they big or small, now have their own vending machines, and there are good reasons for that.

Facts to consider

Entrepreneurs must invest in choosing the perfect office vending machines as businesses nowadays expect to provide their staffs with the best quality drinks to boost their morale. Entrepreneurs are really concerned with the cost of investing in vending machines in the UK. Besides that, they need to calculate the cost of a cup and the contract length before making the decision. There are also many other factors to be considered before purchasing an office vending machine. One of them is the machine size. If the office is small both in employee number and space, it is better to purchase a counter-top models and leave standalone vending machines for bigger workplaces with separate lunch rooms.

Save everyone’s time

It has been noted that employees in the UK take a 15 minutes break to buy hot beverages or other refreshments. By investing in quality office vending machines, businesses can easily keep their employees near their desks as they need not to go out to purchase those daily treats.

No more washing cups!

Office vending machines let to get rid of all tea and coffee making chores. Preparing drinks for all the colleagues by yourself takes time. With an office vending machine it will take no more than 20 seconds for each drink, which is also good for saving time at a workplace. There is no need to purchase milk or clean anything afterwards. Entrepreneurs can find it a big advantage and might even use the space previously occupied by kitchen appliances more effectively.

A variety of products

Office vending machines can also provide a variety of cold or hot drinks and snacks. As some of your workers might prefer tea to coffee, you should be able to offer both options. It is therefore important for the entrepreneurs to purchase office vending machines from reputable companies which have been known for many years. These machines will provide the staff with excellent quality coffee or tea and serve them with as many cups per day as they wish. It is therefore better to invest in a new machine which will surely provide a maximum return in the long run. If you decide to buy a refurbished model, be sure to avoid cross-contamination as nobody wants to have their hot chocolate taste like soup!

Invest in quality

If you set a quality vending machine in your office, the staff will be guaranteed that every drink they choose would taste great and have the right amount of sugar, cream or any other ingredients they wish for. Poor quality vending machines often produce a bitter brew or dispense too much sugar and therefore can easily end up cobwebbed. Employees will be more eager to buy the product if they feel they are getting just what they want. And this increases the chances for the employer to get what he wants from his workers. So as you can see, a good cuppa can have major impact on the whole business!

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