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Hot chocolate machines

Hot ChocolateThe first cup of chocolate is said to have been served in the Mayan Empire sometime near the beginning of our era. Yet it was very different from the drink we are used to nowadays. The Mayan chocolate was bitter and mixed with water as sugar was yet unknown to Mayans. Later, when cocoa came to Europe, some believed it to have the power of curing stomach diseases which turned out to be quite true. Only here did the drink became the sweet and hot chocolate we are used to now. It was Sir Hans Sloane who decided to mix cocoa with milk after he was unhappy with the taste of pure chocolate. This recipe spread from England all over Europe.

Usually served as one of the drinks available for dispense in coffee vending machines, hot chocolate is a perfect solution for everyone who wants to take a break and enjoy a sip of rich, creamy and smooth beverage.

Feel like you can’t get enough of milk, yet crave for that velvet cocoa taste in your mouth? Then treat yourself with a cup of chocolate milk. It is also considered a great after-workout drink that quickly replenishes your energy reserves as it is especially rich in proteins and carbohydrates. The last two might not be the exact words Napoleon used, but he sure knew the energizing effect of chocolate, always having some on him in case he needed a boost.

And if you are not into sports right now, drinking hot chocolate still has health benefits as antioxidants can prevent cancer and heart disease. Luckily, hot chocolate has more antioxidants than wine and tea put together! It also helps digestion, and its flavanoids benefit cardiovascular health.

Mixing coffee with cocoa also results in a great drink known as mocha – a special type of chocolaty drink that energizes you for the whole day.

Calories in hot chocolate

This depends greatly on the products you put in the hot chocolate machine. Putting sugar in, mixing cocoa with milk instead of water gives different results. 8oz cup of hot chocolate with whole milk will have around 220 calories. For those looking for a beverage both tasty and healthier, using skimmed milk is advised as milk makes the larger part of the serving. Just have in mind that whatever ingredients you choose, 12oz cup will most certainly have more calories than a smaller one.

Does hot chocolate contain caffeine?

This question vexes even the long-time hot chocolate fans and of course people sensitive to the substance. Well, good news is that there is only a small amount (15mg per 8oz cup) of caffeine in hot chocolate, usually five or more times less than in a cup of black tea of same volume. So even those who are advised not to consume caffeine can enjoy hot chocolate without any risk.

Whichever drink you choose, you can be sure that it tastes good when dispensed in quality hot chocolate machines. Contact us to get the best offer for hot chocolate machine in UK.

Tea machines

Tea bags for vendingTea is the most widely consumed beverage in the world if we don’t count water. Introduced to Britain in the 17th century, tea has retained its popularity even among the younger generation despite the growing global coffee culture.

More than half of Brits choose to start their day with a cup of tea while only 1/3 prefer coffee. Each person in the UK drinks about 67oz of tea per year. That’s the second most in Europe. Nearly 80 million cups of tea are consumed in the UK per day. And a significant part of them are dispensed in tea machines.

There are not so many machines serving exclusively tea even though this drink has long-standing traditions in the UK. But this does not mean there isn’t a wide selection of teas to suit every taste. Tea machines can dispense leaf, instant tea (the most popular one in hot drinks vending machines) or tea in bags of your favourite brands, coming in variety of flavours such as lemon, ginger, and many others. Even the famous Scottish Blend is available in the vended tea selection which tastes best when prepared with Scotland’s soft water.

‘No!’ for tea break

Would you believe there was a time when now traditional tea breaks were banned in the UK? Actually, in the 18-19th centuries this was the case as employers decided that tea breaks leave their employees sluggish even though they were starting their work at the dawn of the day, labouring hard until the sunset.

Tea and caffeine

One of the most popular urban myths is that tea has more caffeine than coffee and therefore some people wonder why there is no decaf option. But the thing is that even though dry tea has more caffeine, we use less of it to make a cup than we do for coffee, so the ultimate caffeine amount in a cup is way smaller. If we take 8oz cup, tea would have around 50mg of caffeine whereas coffee would have at least 100mg making it twice as jolting. In the end, the exact amount varies greatly depending on how the beverage is prepared.

More on tea machines:

  • Though most coffee vending machines can also serve tea, you should not be afraid of cross-drink contamination as the newest technologies ensure you can choose from models posing no risk at all.
  • Tea can be served with milk, making it taste the way you like best.
  • Just like coffee, tea machines can dispense drinks into paper or plastic cups of different sizes (even 12oz) with lids. There is also an option of using your own cup for greater sustainability.
  • With a simple press of a button you can enjoy a carefully balanced taste of quality tea, made from filtered water and perfectly balanced with milk.

So as you see, tea can be your daily break-time joy – just take a minute to fill out this form and you will be contacted by the most passionate tea machine suppliers in the UK.

Soup machines

Soup vending machinesSoups can be vended in the same coffee vending machines without risk of drink cross-contamination as the newest technologies ensure it will not happen. If you think that vended soup could be popular among you co-workers or clients, you can always set up a special soup machine which also can be part of a full-line vending. Soup machines usually contain 5 different types of soups.

The machines does not have to be that big as there are plenty of countertop models, suitable for offices, restaurants and other small venues. This also means less power consumption and maintenance, making soup machines cost-effective and easy to operate.

Different soups can be dispensed using soup machines, from cold to hot, thick or thin ones. The selection of flavours ranges from spicy tomato to mild spring vegetables. Most of them are suitable for vegetarians but there is also chicken and other meat soups available. Those on diet need not to be worried too, as vended soups have less calories than latte with sugar. Soups are usually dispensed with a cup and stirrer.

Why choose soup machine?

The obvious reason for choosing a soup vending machine is the fact that it provides you with a fresh product which usually takes a lot of time to prepare and therefore is not as popular in the UK as it should be considering its health benefits. Why should you go for a salty or fatty snack of low nutritious value which will leave you hungry right after the last bite instead of a cup of tasty and refreshing soup?

Another reason to add soup as an option at your office or workspace is that some people might want to prepare themselves soup for lunch anyway and if your vending machines supply only coffee and soda, you would still need to reserve some space for a kitchen, which leads to additional cleaning you tried to avoid.

Soup vending machines usually require plumbing along with power source. If the water pressure cannot reach 3 bar, a pump is required that can be installed by our team of professionals for your convenience.

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