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Coffee vending machinesEven though tea drinking tradition is deep-rooted in the UK, coffee is nearly as popular a vending product. What is more, serving coffee is also good not only for the customers but for the vending machine owner as well as the profit margins reach 70%. Only a handful of products can match this, none of them as popular and therefore bringing eventual lower income.

If you ever dreamed of having your own barista at the office, then coffee vending machine is the right solution. With a push of a button you get quality hot drinks that can be customized to meet everyone’s taste.

Coffee vending machines can brew hot drinks from various ingredients. They can be instant or made from coffee beans ground just after you order a drink. The espresso extract makes the base for any coffee drink, be it American, Latte or Cappuccino. Another popular ingredient – milk – also can come in powder or fresh, whatever your preference is. And you can be sure that the vending machine will froth it the best way possible. Amount of sugar can also be easily adjusted according to your needs. The decaf option is also available.

Your coffee vending machines can also dispense various other drinks, such as hot chocolate, tea or even soup. What is more, there are models that have chilled products section at the bottom where you can put sodas, snacks and have a full selection in one place for your convenience. If there’s a higher demand for these products, you can always install a full vending line and create a real automated 24/7 bar in no time!

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