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Hot drinks vending machineSix out of 10 vending machines in Europe dispense hot drinks. The UK is no exception. This is by far the most popular drink among clients, offering high profit margin. That also means lots of different brands to choose from when considering buying hot drinks dispenser for your office.

The studies conducted by social psychologists Bargh and Shalev suggest that physical warmth can reduce the feeling of loneliness. Therefore holding a cup of hot beverage can boost your trust in people and, most importantly, yourself.

Hot drinks vending machines sometimes are called coffee vending machines due to popularity of this product. Other hot drinks, such as hot chocolate or tea, are also usually dispensed in the same machine. Though not as popular, soup too can be prepared this way, providing a great addition to the traditional lunch sandwich.

Whichever product you choose, coffee or any other hot drink, be sure that anyone drinking it would be filled with warmth and joy.

Like all the rest, hot drinks vending machines come in different sizes, payment methods, and available product quantities. But one of the main differences between the hot drinks vending machines is how the product is being prepared.

Traditional vending machines

The ingredients for each drink are stored in containers and mixed according to the selection. Then they go up the tube ready to be dispensed. The best things about this system is its low cost and ability to grind its own coffee, but there is a chance of cross-contamination when the previously prepared drink affects the taste of another one. Also this is the only machine where you can change the ingredients and their amounts according to your needs. So if you want to be known as the strongest in-house espresso brewer, choose traditional hot drink vending machine.

In-cup vending machines

Here drinks come already prepared, the machine only mixes selected ingredients right into the cup and then adds hot water. Obviously this means there is no cross-contamination and less need for maintenance. Its drawbacks include increased price and no option of freshly ground coffee. This is the right choice if you don’t plan to sell fresh ground drinks and need a reliable solution.

Hybrid vending machines

As the name suggests, these hot drink vending machines combine features of the previous two, serving fresh coffee on conveyor belt and using in-cup for the others. This is the only solution for those who need ground coffee and want to make sure there’s no cross-contamination.

Which hot drinks vending machine is the best?

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