Healthy vending machines

Healthy vending machinesHealthy vending machines are becoming more popular in public places, such as healthcare, educational, and recreational institutions. In some cases, this might even be a requirement. As sodas and high sugar or fat snacks are banned from schools and the awareness of healthy diet in the UK is rising during last decades, healthy vending machine might be the best choice for your office or businesses. Until 2008 there was no regulation for vending machine contents in hospitals. After that Scotland and Whales implemented policy according to which at least 30% of the products must be healthier. Unfortunately, similar guidelines are yet to be implemented in England, let alone at the national level.

What is ‘healthy’ in vending machines?

Healthy vending machines store healthy drinks (water, juice) or healthy snacks (fruits, vegetables, whole grain cereals, unsalted nuts etc.). Of course, this usually means you have to restock more often due to shorter expiration terms. Nevertheless this might prove the right solution if the customers care about their health and you care about them too. In the UK, the Government’s Healthy Eating Initiative is also shaping the vending machine business, therefore healthy vending is set up for the future and benefits both the service provider and the customer.

This might be the only solution even for those who do not care for healthy eating as local and national governments are moving towards implementing such policies. For example, the Seattle City Council has unanimously adopted a bill according to which all vending machines situated on city property must dispense no less than 50 percent healthy products. This healthy vending initiative, already working in public parks and recreational areas, might soon be applied in other cities too. A new bill has been introduced in California requiring that all of vending machines on state property sell healthy food only. So it wouldn’t be much of surprise if similar policies were to be implemented in the UK some time soon. There is no doubt that healthy vending machines is the future of this business and our daily lives.

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