Food vending machines

Food vending machinesAs office kitchens are rarely used for anything but making drinks and occasional microwaving, question remains whether there a kitchen is really needed. During the lunch break, staff usually eat a sandwich they brought, and the ones who fancy a more solid meal would rather go to dine out to a nearby catering establishment.

Maintaining a clean kitchen can be a tedious task, therefore replacing your kettles, microwaves and other appliances with a line of vending machines might be the best solution.

Providing hot and cold food at affordable prices, food vending machines will surely raise the spirits of your employees, and this would benefit the company in many ways.

There are various food vending machines available. Some of them only serve cold snacks while others provide hot meals or even both. Choosing what is right for you depends greatly on the people that will be using it, and, last but not least, the number of potential customers.

Food vending usually needs refrigeration as opposed to snack machines which keep the goods fresh in room temperature.

Hot food vending machines

Today, hot food vending machines can be found everywhere, from schools to large workplaces, dispensing nutritious ready meals unrivalled by any snack. In addition to being tasty, this food is served at the optimum temperature, making it ready for consuming in a few minutes. Even though some products might arrive pre-made, they are enclosed tightly, his way remaining fresh for up to 14 days which is considered a good shelf life among professional vendors. Some meals, like pizza, are prepared right in the vending machine.

As staying healthy and fit has become the UK’s new trend in recent years, these machines provide just the right option because most products have no preservatives or other additives. They also serve vegetarian meals, making hot food vending machine a universal solution meeting everyone’s needs. Also as the UK food safety laws are pretty strict, you can be sure that every hot food vending machine dispenses safe meals.

Just like any other type, hot food vending machines can be combined with bottled drinks or other types of snacks, such as crisps, making them a universal lunch provider.

Nowadays, even if you don’t have a bag of coins or cash on you, you can use your credit card to pay for the selected items. Credit card companies monitor the state of the machines remotely, which makes the transaction even more secure. Therefore hot food vending machines is a fast, tasty, healthy and safe way to enjoy your favourite meal 24/7.

Pizza vending machines

Pizza vending machineIn this era of hectic lifestyle, nobody likes to wait. Furthermore, customization has turned out to be one of the most effective ways to please customers and meet their ever-changing, ever-growing needs.

This is why pizza vending machines fall among the most popular hot food vending machines, widely accepted and loved by consumers around the world. With these machines, you no longer have to wait for 30 minutes to get your favourite pizza. They promise to make you a fresh pizza from scratch in 3 minutes – and they do deliver!

Invented in Italy (now who could have thought of that?!), pizza vending machines are now being successfully introduced in the UK. How do they prepare pizza? First the machine kneads dough, then shapes it into a round flat piece, adds tomato sauce and finally layers up the toppings according to the customer’s selection right in front of his very eyes. This is truly a gift of technology for UK pizza lovers.

Cold food vending machines

It has been reported that cold food vending machines provide a higher level of refrigeration that the traditional snack vending machines. That’s why now a wide variety of food products, such as ice cream, pastries, eggs, yoghurt, fruit, vegetables, sandwiches, and any other food or snack that needs to be refrigerated are being sold in them.

Cold food vending machines can be really profitable during the summer season. With the temperature change, people shift their eating habits. In winter, hot food and beverages are preferred while in summer everybody is looking for refreshment, cold food and beverages demand rising. Cold food vending machines can be placed anywhere you feel there might be a demand for it. Schools during the summer term or rush-traffic crossroads are among many possible income sources.

Consumers prefer fresh food, and it is really difficult to build up their trust if you are just starting your business. Luckily, with the newest technologies you can be sure that should any malfunction occur, the machine will not sell unsafe food, meaning both you and your customers are safe from spoiled food purchase. The temperature is always controlled and will not go above 5°C or any other temperature of your preference even in the case of tropical heat. While this requires AC to work, all contemporary models are energy efficient, also using LED lights for their mini-displays. On them you can also see when the shelf life of a product is coming to an end for easy restocking.

Sandwich vending machines

Vending business is truly easy as well as profitable, which is why plenty of innovations have been introduced and now a wide variety of stuff, like sandwiches, are vended readily.

Sandwich vending machines is a perfect way of attracting customers passing along a busy street, at schools or workplaces. You will not have to worry if you or your children forgot to take their lunch pack since fresh, good-quality food is right there readily available. Some machines also allow users customize their sandwich ingredients according to their tastes with simple selections. Their very own sandwich will come up in seconds, ready to feel the bite.

Sandwich vending machines use electric energy to provide the refrigeration needed. But thanks to the modern technologies implemented, special software reduces power consumption when the customer flow diminishes, e.g. at night, making machines more energy-efficient. This is also great as we take care to sustain our environment.

As sandwich vending machine users might want to have a drink to go with their selected product, can and bottle trays can be installed. This means preparing lunch is easier than ever before!

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