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Custom vending machines are designed for specific brands and specific needs. You give us your product, we design a machine to vend it which also pleases your eye. Custom vending machines can be small (wall-mounted) or as large as a full vending line depending on the vended product. And these vary from mail, newspapers, lottery tickets to cologne, novelties or DVDs to name but a few.

On the other side of the Atlantic, a company has proposed to implement vending machines in New York City Taxis as that would generate more than million dollars in tax revenue according to their estimation. Among the products planned to be sold are hand sanitizer and condoms. As of now, the project has been given a 17,500$ grant by the city municipality. If everything goes well, we might also see similar custom vending machines in our taxicabs sometime soon.

The following articles describe only a handful of custom vending machines that can be found in the market.

Newspaper vending machines

Newspaper vending machineMany people hesitate investing in the newspaper vending machines because now news can be freely accessed on the Internet and displayed on our smartphones anywhere we roam. After being introduced in 1947, newspaper machines were a major hit, responsible for the paperboy extinction. People were reluctant to go to a gas station or other place just to buy a newspaper while there was no home delivery option available at the time. Information could only be obtained through TV, radio and newspaper.

However, with the Internet becoming more accessible and the latest recession, the newspaper vending machines were hit hard and their number decreased. Adding an option to pay with credit cards did not help either, although in near future this will be necessary in order to maintain the sales at their current level. The Internet took away a large portion of profit and people who had invested in newspaper vending machines lost money.

So is the era of newspaper vending machines over? The truth is that these boxes can still rack profit. As long as the Internet access is not available for everyone on a daily basis, there will always be a room for newspapers, especially the free ones as nearly every paper lives from advertisements, not the sales. And some of us still hate reading on screen, especially that of a smartphone.

Innovations are needed for these machines to attract more people. These include the selection of different newspapers and their display issues in one vending machine together with other possibilities. It is also important to place these vending machines in locations frequented by potential readers, such as bus stops, train stations, airports, offices, and museums.

The other common problem of traditional vending machine is that after a coin is tossed in, it allows to take as many papers as you want, in contrast to a soda vending machine where you get one drink per pay. The reason for this decision was that newspapers are less likely to be stolen and thus the overall cost of a vending machine is reduced. Yet as stealing is not the main reason of profit loss, other ways of attracting clients must be sought.

DVD vending machines

DVD vending machineThe vending machine business is highly competitive. There are plenty of vending machines in all public venues today. Vending machines dispense chips, napkins, slippers, sweets, newspapers, beverages and other goods. When the DVD vending machines were introduced in the UK, they gained instant recognition and sold like hot cakes.

On weekends or an occasional day-off, watching a film without falling asleep due to tiredness might be a great way to relax. For that, you just need to grab a DVD on your way home. The most difficult part comes when choosing what film you want to see as more and more people choose to watch their favourite films at home with their families and friends. In order to do that, a DVD player and the disc is needed. The DVD vending machines found in gas stations, supermarkets, liquor stores, department stores and other places have been a centre of attraction for all film lovers.

If you think that DVD appeal has declined, wrong you are. Even with half of the market downloading and watching film on the Internet, there still is another half who prefer watching their own rightfully owned or rented DVDs.

DVD vending machines can be great for investment. The suppliers providing vending machines often give contacts of the sources where you can find bulk DVDs at opportune prices which you can resell for higher profit.

Novelty vending machines

Novelty vending machines are usually smaller than the ones vending soda or snacks and can be compared to gumball machines in size. They mostly contain capsules of various sizes filled with various odd and cool trinkets. These machines are best suited for birthday parties, shopping malls, carnivals and similar as children just love them. Because these capsules can cost less than 30p, these machines can give you lots of revenue if placed right. This doesn’t mean all products must be encapsuled, because novelty vending machines can also dispense products directly.
Novelty vending machines
Before you decide to invest in novelty vending machines, it is important to determine who your customers will be. Usually these machines are perfect for kids, and you can vend toys, jewellery, candy, and similar playthings.

Looking for new locations for the novelty vending machines is important in order for you to make sure you get to attract customers. For example, you can put a dog treat machines in parks thus allowing people to get a treat for their puppies with just a few coins. And that’s just one of many ways to use them to both for your and your clients’ benefit.

Medicine vending machines

With medicine vending machines you don’t have to go to a pharmacy. When they were first introduced in the UK, a buyer had to put in their prescription which was then collected by a pharmacist and then the machine dispensed the medicine.

Medicine vending machinesNow medicine vending machines come with better features. Those who cannot visit the pharmacist or see a doctor because of travelling or any other reason can use these machines. The buyer has to put in his prescription. A live call via video link with the pharmacist and the buyer is established. Before authorizing the transaction, the chemist checks whether the prescribed medicine is good for the patient. When the person pays for it, an information sheet telling how often the medicine has to be taken is dispensed. Then the machine dispenses required amount of drugs after the person pays for it in cash or credit. As it can store hundreds or even thousands of different prescription drugs, chances you won’t get what you need are pretty slim.

As for now, these medicine vending machines are available in hospitals as they are always short on pharmacists. This way one pharmacist can serve many patients in different locations and cut the overall costs.

Sports vending machines

Sports vending machinesBy now everyone knows that venturing to invest in the vending machines makes a great source of earning extra money for your business. Some people question sports vending machines profitability. The truth is, no matter what type of vending machines you invest in, the specialization as well as the location of your machine will tell whether your venture is profitable. If you think the days of sports vending machines ended with the London Olympics, you are wrong.

Sports vending machines do not dispense sports equipment only. Many fans want to get autographed jerseys, balls, bats, wristbands, bandanas, and even shoes. They love spending on such items as they are considered collectibles and honouring their favourite football, rugby or tennis players. You can profit well from this type of vending machines. Whether it’s sports season or not, fans always are eager to buy this paraphernalia. But be sure to place your vending machines where most of a target market is found, e.g. in sports pubs, clubs and arenas. That will be a crucial step in earning more profit from this business.

Stamp vending machines

Stamp vending machinesInvesting your money in stamp vending machines may seem a miscalculated decision in our era. But do you know these machines are still used in some countries, the UK among them? Looking somewhat similar to an ATM, these machines are popular with people unfamiliar with the Internet. And even those who browse daily would surely agree that sending a hand-written letter with a beautiful stamp on it still hasn’t lost its charm.

Though they may not be in much use compared to other vending machines, stamp vending machines still can benefit post offices with shortening the queues. If set at the right place, they can be a great income source.

There is no guarantee the venture of stamp vending machines will work, the reason being there are better ways to get stamps now. Unfortunately, consumers now prefer other alternatives to these machines. People stopped using these machines as they did not accept credit card payments until recently, and offered little selection of stamps. Today, this is no longer a problem. Contemporary stamp vending machines come with way better features than the ones available in the past. So investing in them will not drown your money.

Perfume vending machines

Perfume vending machines

Perfume vending machines have a long tradition

Perfume vending machines are not just for the ladies, they can be as attractive to men as they are for women. They are very useful for retail stores wishing to protect their valuable perfume and cologne bottles from damage.

Just like any other vending machine, these accept coupons, credit and debit cards, coins and cash. A single machine can contain up to 100 perfume bottles. These machines can even be custom-designed according to the type of fragrances they feature.

Perfume vending machines can be set up not only in retail stores but shopping malls, beauty parlours and salons, airports, hotels, nightclubs, motorways and other public places. These vending machines can contain not only perfumes – cosmetics, such as mascaras, lipsticks, nail polishes, lip gloss, eye liners, tweezers, hair grips or Vaseline can also be included, making them more attractive.

Alluring design and high-end technologies, such as touch screens, will most certainly help to create a favourable image, and people will be more inclined to impulse buy. If set at the right location, perfume vending machines can make a fine addition to your business, especially by being available when other perfume and cosmetics retailers are closed.

Ticket vending machines

Ticket vending machines have become a common solution for various types of businesses aiming at cutting the delivering costs of effective 24/7 service. These machines can sell various tickets, including scratch-off or any other type of lottery.

Lottery has always attracted people wishing to turn their fate around and win a sum of money. With the lottery ticket vending machines, chances can be taken 24/7 till there’s no more tickets to buy.

If you invest in the lottery ticket vending machines business, placing them in high traffic locations is recommended. The ideal locations include clubs, grocery stores, supermarkets, gas stations etc. Lotteries give away millions of dollars to people every year. That’s why people have put their trust in spending money to buy these tickets as there is someone claiming a fortune every day.

Other advantage these machines have is banknote accepting change mechanisms, allowing to continue the game without interruption.

A well known fact though is that these machines are most profitable for lottery organizers and vendors themselves. People find it convenient buying these tickets whenever they feel lucky, and that might happen when all the stores are closed. That’s why lottery vending machines, operating 24/7, is an investment to bring a lot of return. Also they attract customers to places where they can spend more on other products and services.

Security issues might be the main question for the possible ticket machine owner. Lottery tickets are usually vended in the machines placed inside, under surveillance. Therefore there is no chance of small kids being able to use them as they are installed way above their sight line. Also the vendor always has an option of turning the machine off remotely if he sees kids hanging around.

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