Cold drinks vending machines

Cold drinks vending machinesAs the summer breezes in, the demand for cold refreshing drinks suddenly increases. With that in mind, it is crucial to think about providing your employees or visitors with a cool beverage to keep them happy, focused, and positive.

Cold drinks can be served together with hot ones but it is better to have separate vending machines for each of them as this way customers are able to choose from a wider array of drinks. Combined solution is recommended for places where saving space is important and having both types of drinks is a must. But even then it is better to consider installing separate smaller versions.

If the drinks are branded, which is quite common when dealing with cold drinks vending machine products, having an open front display is a bonus as this way customers are attracted to the brands of their choice and can pick out their drink more easily. Therefore it is also good to have a wider selection of at least 6 drinks to suit every taste. Paying attention to these factors can increase your sales well over 30%. Of course if the cold drink vending machine is set for outdoor use, the open front display might be an easy target for vandals. In this case sturdier, closed front versions are recommended.

Usually cold drinks, such as juice, flavoured or plain water, real fruit drinks or soda are sold in cans or bottles. This is convenient both for the buyer who can have a larger portion (as the cups usually don’t go over 12oz) and the seller who doesn’t have to clean the dispenser, avoiding many possible hygiene problems.

Yet some cold drinks, e.g. milk shakes, are mixed in the machine and dispensed into a plastic or paper cups.

Refreshing drinks are also popular with the youth, so cold drinks vending machine makes a good option if you deal with this part of population on a daily basis.

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