New Bitcoin Vending Machine Introduced

Bitcoing vending machine

Genesis Coin has announced the launch of their new cryptocurrency vending machine, the Satoshi1, which has gone live in a British Columbia cafe.

Cryptocurrency is not going anywhere. Here’s another vending machine model from the leading manufacturer. Being cheaper it looks like a more interesting option to the majority of potential buyers. Just like the PayPal vending machines, these are yet to be introduced in the UK. When this happens, it will surely create some buzz.

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Twitter Activated Snack Vending Machine Amuses Londoners

Twitter snack vending machine in London, UK

Walkers, a British snack food company, has transformed three London bus stops into tweet-activated vending machines as part of its ongoing Do us a Flavour campaign.
A series of short clips on the digital screen show Gary Lineker, an English former footballer and current well-known sports broadcaster, appearing to sit inside the bus stop vending machines.
Passers-by are then encouraged to tweet @Walkers_busstop, triggering the vending machine to dole out free packets of crisps.

While lasting only until September 11, this vending machine gives us a glimpse of the way we will be interacting with them in the future. While Twitter may work for freebies, regular vending options would need to contain some advanced online payment method, such as PayPal or Google Wallet.

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Survey Results: What Are The Most Popular Products in Healthy Vending Machines?

healthy vending machine company

Canadian Healthy Vending, the largest healthy vending machine manufacturer in Canada, recently completed its annual survey of its 200 operators from every region of the country.

Energy bars, cereal bars, fruit bars, nuts, and chip alternatives/healthy chips made up over 90% of snack sales.

The top three drink categories—water, fruit juices, and enhanced fruit beverages—made up over 75% of sales.

Although this survey has been run in Canada, the results might also be interesting for healthy vendors in the UK and other countries. One thing that would be also beneficial to know is what snack and drink combinations are the most popular. If you are to buy a bag of nuts, probably you would also like to have a beverage beside it. But is it gonna be water, juice or some other option?

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