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PayPal and Google Wallet hits vending machines

This is no ordinary vending machine you’re seeing in the picture above. Even though it doesn’t look any different, it sure brings a revolutionary approach to a way customers interact with these points of sale. Long gone are the days

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Japan’s vending machines are no match for counterfeit coins

With the proliferation of vending machines across Japan and the circulation of a high-value 500 yen (US$5) coin, counterfeiters have a perfect mark for cashing in their fake coins, as a recent photo on Twitter confirms. As Japanese example shows, the

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Aged vending machine in Tokyo appears to sell stag beetles

For the most part, Japanese vending machines just spit out cans of cold or hot beverages, and sometimes soup. But this particular one found on a rarely traveled road in Tokyo could be a first as it seems to contain

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