6 Cool Machines that Accept Bitcoin

Bitcoin vending machines

Smart vending machines have been around for a while, but only a handful of companies have decided to add bitcoin functionality to their designs.

While more and more companies are looking for ways to make cashless payment possible, either by installing credit card or PayPal options, some companies look even further. BitCoin, a virtual currency that began to circulate in 2009, now becomes a valid payment option in some vending machines.

For example, London-based Aeguana claims that their coinless vending machines help to increase sales by whopping 400%. What is more, not using coins means the machine can be more compact and it takes less time to finish the transaction. When using BitCoin, it takes less than 10 seconds to get your product.

It will be interesting to watch how the UK’s vending market accepts these modern vending machine in the upcoming years.

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