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Probably The Thinnest Vending Machine You’ll Ever See

Coca-cola was always surprising us with their creativity in advertising. This time they’ve decided a new approach to promote their Diet Coke. Introducing Slender Vender – a soda vending machine that’s so slick you wouldn’t believe. See it for yourself.

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Turkish Vending Machine Takes Bottles And Gives Food To Stray Dogs

A company in Turkey called Pugedon has created a somewhat bizarre but effective way to kill two birds with one stone – their vending machine in Istanbul takes bottles deposited for recycling and dispenses food for the city’s stray dogs.

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7 Wacky Food Vending Machines We Wish Were In Our Office

Chips and candy bars? Try soft-serve and sparkling wine!


Having such vending options during your lunch-time break would surely improve the mood of your employees.

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