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Giant Vending Machines Provide Groceries For Neighborhoods Without Local Stores

The automated store was designed to cater to the residents of towns that have lost their local shops. The first machine recently opened in Clifton, Derbyshire, a town that lost its last local store 14 years ago. This custom-built vending machine

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Vending machines pound UK coin change plans

It may be dubbed the “most secure circulating coin in the world to date”, but the new British £1 coin is going to cause a headache the size of a couple of million of the coins for the U.K.’s vending

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The Comic Book Vending Machine, From A Man With Down Syndrome

Chris Romberger, a 19 year old cafeteria worker with Down Syndrome and autism, has begun his own business, arranging selling vending machines that sell comic books. Philadelphia local CBS News team runs the story. While this is not the world’s

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