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Smart Vending Machine Scans Your Face to Serve Up Snacks

A network of smart, connected vending machines will soon use facial recognition, NFC and a membership program to market and sell everything from food to electronics on their giant touch screens. A vending machine that recognizes your face sounds like

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Baltimore County Council bans cellphone vending machines

The Baltimore County Council is trying to cut down on cellphone thefts by banning cellphone ATM-like vending machines. Cellphone-ATMs, where you can feed your phone in return for cash, have been banned in Baltimore. The City Council concluded that these

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Ireland’s First Bitcoin Vending Machine to Launch In The Next Few Days

There’s a whole lot of firsts in the realm of bitcoin — and today, another. The first bitcoin vending machine is slated to hit the Temple Bar district in Dublin, Ireland in the next few days. Apparently, bitcoin vending machines

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