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Bring Seasonal Treats To Vending Machines

I have heard that operators hesitate to buy seasonal food and beverage snacks for fear of not selling out before the season is over. However, new items appeal to customers, especially if they see these items are only available for

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Skyforge, a vending machine for your 3D-printed dreams

At the University of Idaho, students can “print” practically anything they want thanks to this vending machine. “We want to be the Redbox of 3D printing,” its creator says. This 3D printing vending machine uses mere plastic instead of chocolate

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Alarm over plan for needle vending machines in city’s drug hot spots

Needle vending machines in the city’s heroin hot spots will increase drug use and risk increasing the numbers of dangerous syringes discarded in the streets, residents and traders fear. A plan to install needle vending machines in certain Melbourne neighbourhoods

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