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Burrito vending machines now exist

Craving a burrito and want it super fast? Just head over to a certain gas station in West Hollywood, Calif., to indulge in the wrapped-up cheesy goodness straight out of a vending machine. A recently introduced American burrito vending machine

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Amazon tests physical retail with new ‘Kindle Kiosk’ vending machines

Amazon, the company that defined the world of online commerce, is venturing further into the world of physical retail — experimenting with standalone, automated “Kindle Kiosk” vending machines in selected airports and shopping malls. The online commerce giant Amazon chooses

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Bikestock: A vending machine for broken-down NY cyclists

Bikestock has placed a vending machine for bike parts; tools; locks; food (not pizza, spaghetti, or Cronuts, but healthy choices like Clif Bars and Vitamin Water); and other emergency supplies in Brooklyn’s Bushwick neighborhood. Yet another innovative vending idea –

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