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First-ever Live Model Vending Machine Hits Sydney Beaches

First there was women’s panties in vending machines, now a haircare brand is putting live models under glass to spruik a new colour range. Seems like an interesting idea. Though I’m more interested in its ROI. If this is just

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Vending Machines Change Prices Based On The Weather

When it’s hot as heckfire outside, an ice-cold beverage really hits the spot for most people; not so much when there’s a foot of snow on the ground. It would be interesting to know whether this weather-inspiraded marketing brings more

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Vending Machines Recognize You And Offer Personalized Purchases

The paper bill and vending machine relationship is dying. The future of vending machines will be smart. While smart vending machines seems innovative and are destined to become the future of dispensing, I still doubt that you need a suggestion

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