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World’s First Double-Walled Vending Cup

“Douwe Egberts believes its latest initiative, the world’s first double-walled vending cup, developed in partnership with machine manufacturer, Crane, and Huhtamaki, one of the world’s largest packaging companies, will further revolutionise gourmet vended coffee” Even though this seems as a

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VIDEO: Tokyo Vending Machines

While we were in Tokyo, we had access to anything you could think of at any time thanks to the many varieties of vending machines! Continuing yesterday’s theme of Japan vending machines, here’s another video that gives a preview from

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VIDEO: Damn, I Want Everything From This Japanese Vending Machine

Screw our weak-ass North American vending machines; I’m once again embarrassed to be from the United States (of Weak-Ass Vending Machines). Simple, yet fun introduction to the level of vending that Japan has already reached. Not to mention their public

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