Prescription Drug Vending Machine Gives 24-hour Access To Medication

Prescription drugs vending machine

Vendor Instymeds touts access for students who can’t leave campus to fill prescriptions

This is already a second prescription drug vending machine in the USA. Even though Britain is well know for its colleges and their vast campuses, there is no indication something like this would happen in the near future. Waiting until the campus drug-store opens is not the most fun thing to do when you’re feeling really and sick and need to study or have a good night’s rest before the test. So which will be the first in the UK this time – Oxford or Cambridge?

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Lancaster County Offers Healthy Vending Options For Workers

Healthy vending machine

With an eye toward cutting health care costs and reducing sick days, companies are adding healthy options to their vending machines.

It’s nice to see that more and more companies in the UK embrace healthy vending and start offering more options for their workers. And this is happening not only in London or other big cities but in regions too. On the long term, this should benefit for both sides as employees will have more options for their lunch-break snacks and the employers will see less sick leaves.

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The Vending Machine Supermarket – Idea Ahead of Its Time

While most of us are used to seeing vending machines in our local supermarkets, one man was brave enough to build a store where every item was dispensed by a number of machines. Or so it seemed.

Nowadays we’re used to the general stores where we select and pick our products and head to the cashier. Back in 1940s most of the stuff was sold over the counter. One man who was thinking clearly ahead of his time decided to automatize the whole process. Had he succeeded? Find out in this post by Messy Nessy Chic.

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