Why vending machines?

To put it short, vending machines benefits are great and there is plenty of them, such as cost-efficiency, easy maintenance and safety. That is why vending machine business finds ways to grow even during the recession. Here we have the benefits explained in detail for those still in doubt:

Benefits of vending machines

  • To begin with, there is a machine for every kind of business, no matter the size, due to the ever-increasing number of vending machine types
  • It’s cost-effective to the bone. It is one of the few industries where prices have remained virtually unchanged in spite of the overall costs increase
  • Flexible maintenance hours and easy-to-run format make them well suited to the fast-paced environment where you have to be ready for the clients 24/7
  • Vending machines offer high degree of security; their sturdiness similar to bank safes allows to vend items of high value. Clothes retailers choose to vend expensive products, this way preventing thefts. To top this example, some international airports vend real gold bars!

The combination of convenience and security offered by vending machines together with mobile technologies will shape our daily lives in ways yet to be seen. For those of you familiar with the London’s Oyster card or its counterparts it might be easier to envision a plethora of goods available for vending and seamless buying in the near future.

Vending machine myths

Although there are some myths regarding vending machines, those can be easily busted.

Some people say vending machines do not accept most coins. Even though this was an issue a while ago, technology has been developing rapidly and the problem of coin or bill validation is virtually gone. Also little known is the fact that nearly 3 percent of £1 coins are forged anyway.

Another popular misconception is that your buy will most definitely be stuck in limbo between its original place and delivery door with no chance of money return. Most modern vending machines have a laser installed nearby the delivery door. If you buy is stuck, the laser stays intact, and the spirals holding the item will turn again. If his does not work either, you will always be able to choose another product or get a refund. So the days of anger venting machines are gone as you no longer need to smash or pull it, risking your health.

Some people also believe that when machine prepares a drink, it tastes of the previous one, and you get coffee tasting of tea or vice versa. In fact, this is also wrong. Cross-contamination is no longer a problem with the in-cup and hybrid vending machine models. Find out more about this in our Hot drinks vending machines section.

Therefore, given these and many more benefits of vending machines, most of you already know this is a choice you simply cannot be wrong about. And if you still retain any doubt, see the short list of technical requirements for the vending machine installation to finally change your mind, and start reaping the benefits!

The only dilemma which might still occur is whether to choose used or new vending machine. For this case, we created a guide which will help you to make up your mind.

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