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What is a vending machine?

Most of us have seen some type of vending machine in the street, school or an office. They dispense a wide range of products, usually various drinks and snacks.

This is convenient both for the client and the seller because the cost of the product is reduced due to the lesser amount of man-work needed to take care of the vending machine.

The modern vending machine as we know it has actually started here, in London, UK more than a hundred years ago. First they were dispensing post cards and books and only after the Industrial Revolution did the first soda dispensers appear that now dominate the market. Find out more.

How does the vending machine work?

The transaction starts with the client putting a coin or a credit card into a vending machine slot. After the machine accepts the payment, you can choose any of the products available for that particular sum of money. When the choice is made, the machine dispenses selected item and gives back the change.

Although there still are some vending machines that don’t give back change, this is actually becoming a thing of the past. Nowadays vending machines not only accept bills but are able to recognise fake banknotes as well. They also accept credit cards and even PayPal or Google Wallet payments.

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